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Enterprise Culture
Hongqiang Marine Heavy Industry is the homeland with warm care as well as strict management for all the staffs to study, work and living. It is the base where let the dream fly. All the staffs share the same air, some destinies and weal or woe; grow up with the company and mutual depend on each other. Hongqiang Marine Heavy Industry obtains the trust from customers with professional team, efficiency and good quality according to the core value about honesty, responsibility, service and innovations, makes a great plan and bright future.
”ļCore Concept
”ńCore Value
Honesty      Responsibility       Service      Innovations
Honest and trustworthy, safeguard fairness and justice, insist to do what is right, and have the courage to admit mistakes
Be responsible actively 
Running work consciously and independently with high responsibilities and personal mastery
Service First 
Satisfying customers demands and put it in the first, exceeding the expectation of customers
Building a open, active, easy and comfortable atmosphere, seeking new thinking, idea and technology to improve the management and technology persistently and steadily according to the requirement of staggered development; making ersistently improvement of efficiency and effectiveness
”ńCompany Mission
Strive for Development of social economy. Provide the top class international shipping and Offshore Engineering
”ńCompany Tenet
Concentrate on shipbuilding and offshore engineering
”ńCompany Vision
To be the first-class service brand
To be the top offshore engineering and shipbuilding enterprise
”ńEnterprise Spirit
Carry out resolutely and work completely
”ļManagement Concepts
”ńOperation Principle
Honest and observant    Cost ahead
”ńMarket Concepts
Market is endless, the key is adequate preparation and Grasping  the opportunities
”ńSafety Doctrines
Personnel safety is higher than anything
”ńTalent Philosophy
Equal stress on integrity and ability, bringing people's ability into play, suitable for their own character, making the best possible use of talent
”ńTeam Concepts
Respect   Trust  Coordination
”ńBrand Philosophy
Quality makes the brand. Each staff is company brand spokesperson
”ńTechnical Concepts
Improve the ability of technical design persistently, make core competitiveness
”ńQuality Philosophy
Products imply character, and quality is life of the company
”ńCost Philosophy
Make the resource maximization of utility
”ńCrisis Concepts
In prosperity think of adversity no progress simply means regression. Opportunity comes from risk, and all risks come from themselves
”ńInnovative Concept
Open attitude, change oneself first
”ńLearning Concept
The sea owes its increasing capacity to its admittance of the accession of various sizes of fluid liquids. A man owe his increasing popularity to his tolerance of various kinds of people
”ńAction Concept
Do it right at the first time
”ńStaff mentality
Thanksgiving   Tolerance   Optimism   Sunshine   Passion
”ļBehavioral Norms
”ń General Behavioral Norms
Loyal   Dedicated   Obey    United    Civilized Aggressive
Ardently love enterprise; to vindicate company profits with loyalty and responsibility.
Cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work willing to devotion and perform duties seriously.
Obey companyӮs management; submit to the companyӮs direction.
Consensus and synergy, friendly and interdependent to carry forward the teamwork spirit.
Observe law and discipline, acceptable words and deeds to show good mental outlook.
Aggressive.  Constantly study, innovative and aggressive to promote the performance.
”ńTop Operating Management Behavioral Norms
Strategic lead     Scientific decision    Authorization
”ńMiddle Management Behavioral Norms
Skillful organization          Speedy execution  
Dared to be responsible      Good at Communication
”ńFirst-line managers Behavioral Norms
 Value responsibility , execution and efficiency
”ńWorkers at the Production Line Behavioral Norms
Compliance    Effective execution     Diligent and Thrifty


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