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Successful Sea Trial of 12550DWT Multipurpose Heavy Lifting vessel (Hull NO.:HQ089)

    On 28th Sept. 2016, the 12550DWT Multipurpose Heavy Lifting vessel(Hull NO.:HQ089)built by HongQiang Marine Heavy Industry has successfully completed the sea trial and returned back to the jetty. The vessel is designed with LOA 147m, moulded breadth 22.8m, moulded depth 11.55m, designed draft 7.5m, and classed DNV¡¤GL.
    During the 7 days sea trials, we test the Main Engine, EEDI, hull performance and other items in the water area of Zhoushan Zhejiang, all the items have reached the design requirements.
    The vessel equipped with one low speed main engine with low-consumption which using the latest design in the word, two heavy lifting crane with lifting ability of 250T for each. During design stage the design company(SDARI) absorbed a lot of ideas which satisfy the future ship design philosophy from the owner. Compared to the traditional vessel with same grade this ship improved the cargo capacity and saved the fuel consumption by 15%, meanwhile possess modern and green design , low-consumption, high-automaticity, unrestricted sea-going, and fully meets the requirements of new regulation, can carry bulk cargo, extra length and extra width cargo, heavy cargo, containers, dangerous cargo.



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