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Launching & Naming Ceremony for 3500DWT Steel Carrier £¨Hull No.:HQ169£©

    On 2th Mar. 2017£¬ Jiangsu Hongqiang Marine Heavy Industry successfully performed Launching & Naming Ceremony of 3500DWT Steel Carrier(Hull No.:HQ169) for the famous Korea  Owner. Korea Owner£¬Anhui Whywin Agency£¬KR class representatives and Hongqiang shipyard General Manager attended the ceremony. This vessel is the fifth of the series of six (6) vessels, with LOA 79.9m,molded breath 13.4m, molded depth 7.5m and classed by KR. These vessels are designed for East Asia service for carrying steel cargo.
    The successful Launching & Naming ceremony of this vessel is one of the most important milestones of our company, and also it is the primary achievement of the sincere cooperation between builder and owner, as well as the witness of deep friendship long lasting between us, also which established the foundation of business relation with more Korea Owners. With the great support & efforts from shipowners¡¢KR class and manufactures, and our builder¡¯s staff, We will monitor our construction process strictly and continuously improve our production quality and technology in order to creating own brand, and finally deliver the perfect ships to the owner, which will lay a solid foundation for the realization of long-term friendly cooperation with all worldwide clients.




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