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Launching & Naming Ceremony for 3500DWT Steel Carrier £¨Hull No.:HQ170£©

    On 12th Apr. 2017£¬ Jiangsu Hongqiang Marine Heavy Industry successfully performed Launching & Naming Ceremony of 3500DWT Steel Carrier(Hull No.:HQ170) for the famous Korea  Owner. Korea Owner£¬Anhui Whywin Agency£¬KR class representatives and Hongqiang shipyard General Manager attended the ceremony. This vessel is the sixth of the series of six (6) vessels, with LOA 79.9m,molded breath 13.4m, molded depth 7.5m and classed by KR. These vessels are designed for East Asia service for carrying steel cargo.
    The successful launching and naming of this vessel is the symbol of the successful completion in the first stage of cooperation between our Hongqiang shipyard and Korea Owner, also is the symbol that our company have already possessed the capacity of distinguished performance in shipbuilding, and already built up the substantial cooperative relationship between our company and Korea Owner and agency company.
    Korea Owner made speech at the ceremony, he said that Hongqiang Marine Heavy Industry is an top-ranking shipyard with excellent technology. Korea Owner have signed long-term contract of sea transportation with the famous POSCO, and these series vessels which built by Hongqiang Shipyard are all devoted to the transportation of steel cargo at the area around Japan and China. They will ensure the safety and quality each sailing, become the center and main strength of the transportation for POSCO.




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